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Which Team Is Afghanistan’s Karzai On Anyway?

It seems that the US keeps getting kicked in the butt, every time we turn around. It appears as if “no good deed in the Middle East goes unpunished” and of course, we knew this would be a long-term game, so we keep rolling with the punches. Interestingly enough, most of what we are rolling these days are the printing presses to create the money to pay for it all, money which comes with interest payments later and is costing the taxpayers a pretty copper penny, a metal which we should have the Afghans digging out of fully operational mines by now.
Now then, one has to ask; “Which Team is Afghanistan’s Karzai on Anyway?” After all we’ve done – does he have no loyalty whatsoever? Or is this another attempt to cozy up to Pakistan, which could prevent further attacks? Boy is there a lot at play here, and the events which unfold next will set the tone for the future, so this is history in the making folks, so let’s talk.
On October 24, 2011 the Wall Street Journal had an interesting article titled “Karzai Comment Jolts West” by Dion Nissenbaum which stated;
“The US’s latest attempts to strengthen its relationship with Afghan President Hamid Karzai received an unexpected jolt over the weekend, as the Afghan leader said he would back Pakistan if it went to war with the U.S. “God forbid, if any war took place between Pakistan and the United States, we will stand by Pakistan,” Mr. Karzai said an interview broadcast Saturday on Pakistan’s Geo television network. “If Pakistan is attacked and if the people of Pakistan needed Afghanistan’s help, Afghanistan will be there with you.”
Okay so, an acquaintance of mine asks me what I thought of that article, and if I read it. My answer was; yes, indeed, it is rather unfortunate what was said, and yes, it did bother me to read that in the Wall Street Journal, and yet, I think it might have been taken out of context, and the media had a “field day” with it, as always creating controversy for the sake of it. Remember that was a 53-minute interview and that was a couple of sentences taken from almost an hour of cross-talking, heavy handed interview questions.
Karzai, as much as his politics bother me, I realize he is indeed a master manipulating politician, a big fish in a small pond, he’s politically savvy, and plays all sides against the middle and changes sides on a whim. His brother too, what a crook, but that’s how they do things in Afghanistan, just as the Ferengi do things in their world, so, remember the cultural aspects of this.
Next, consider that the US has no intention of going to war with Pakistan and Afghanistan has a less-than-adequate” for a security force and their military equipment of any consequence is old Russian helicopters etc., for now anyway, surely in 10-years they will have Chinese war toys too, and some from (made in) Iran and Turkey. If Afghanistan’s Karzai did declare war on the US and/or decide it was going to make good on such promises, which I believe to be idle threats, then it would be a very short battle, and Karzai, his military hardware, and whatever army he could muster wouldn’t be long for this world.
Also, realize that Hilary made some sharp comments to Pakistan about them harboring terrorists and insurgents who are messing up nation-building and security efforts in Afghanistan, which is 100% true, but imagine being a Muslim Man with a power base, and ego, and have to save face, and being told, almost threatened by a woman?
Some might contend that the US State Department is playing good/guy bad/guy, and I am sure Obama will use that as an excuse to make his next move, or he’ll throw Karzai and company for a loop and play good guy for a bit next, along with our Military Generals, doing the niceties and chumming up to the Pakistani generals and intelligence people while they are busy calling Hilary a “royal witch” – which is what happens behind the scenes, what we never hear about.
Personally, I’d say blow this one off, forget about it, understand the context, and stay the course, unless we can use this to make a strong point. We shouldn’t be surprised, we know how Karzai thinks already. We have bigger fish to fry, and this one is more the news media’s doing than Karzi, he says what is politically prudent as necessary. Plus, he is really into getting bribed, and knows that the US will give him more for acting up and exhibiting bad behavior, he’s unfortunately learned from experience, meanwhile in my opinion he and his brother have been ripping off the inflows from our good deeds, which I wish to remind everyone is taxpayer’s money.
Half of me wants to have Karzi be removed from said planet, the other half makes me think, I am glad he said that because it gives the US more options, and more support at home for those options. Unfortunately, it makes the Obama Administration look bad (only temporarily), and yes, somewhat incompetent along with NATO in the eyes of the world media, which could be a double blow if the Tunisia elections turn out bad for the West, Libya goes Islamic Radical on us, and any of those weapons caches from former Libya down any Airliners in the future.
Okay so, I hope you will please consider all this as the US stock market goes back to 12,000 on the DOW on this final week of October 2001.

If You Move Frequently, A Medical Journal Is an Invaluable Tool to Have

My eldest son had surgery two weeks ago and it brought to mind a great tip that I learned from a nurse. Whether or not you have a child this is an invaluable tool to have. She suggested having a medical notebook or journal for each person in your family. It has served me very well over the years. I have done this for each of my sons, who have asthma. I have a notebook for every one of them and I log in any major health events in their lives. Vaccinations, ER visits, major illnesses, surgeries, allergy information are all logged into the book. This is so helpful if you move frequently and/or have children with a chronic health problem, like asthma.
If you move often like we do, it takes time for our medical records to catch up with us, so sometimes our health care providers do not have access to our medical records right away. This tool helps me put a medical issue in context and/or provide further information to our new doctor.
This tool will come in handy when you have to fill out medical history forms for your new doctor. It is difficult to remember the details of doctors, health events, treatments, medications and preventative care. This notebook prevents the frustration of having to wait for all of your medical records to be transferred and making phone calls to your previous doctors to get the information you need. Instead, you will have a summary of these details to hand, which will help make the transfer to your new physician easier.