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How Writing in a Journal Can Help Depression

Writing in a journal to overcome depression is a simple cost-effective way to combat depression, anxiety and stress.
Release the pent up thoughts and emotions that come with depression: Often with depression comes anxiety. Anger and negative thoughts bombard your mind minute by minute, you feel trapped in thoughts that no one will understand. Some of the thoughts maybe to personal to discuss. A journal is generally kept private it is the perfect place to vent and release any pent up emotions you have.
Try it you’ll feel better.
Take a look In the mirror: Write about yourself, who you are, what you think, what you have done and why. This gives you a good look at yourself, exposes places you can improve, uncovers those places where the negative thoughts hide, and the ones that darken your mood.
More importantly, learn about your good points. When you’re depressed you feel worthless, and don’t see your good points. Find your good points, look deeply and congratulate yourself daily for being good. Look for accomplishments and learn to pat yourself on the back.
Safe place to hang out: Your journal is a safe place to hang out. Draw, sketch, draw funny cartoons and make funny observations of the world around you, let it all hang out. Escape the realities of life for a few moments, enjoy. have fun.
Where you were, where you are: By continuing to write in a journal, you’ will be able to identify behaviors, thoughts and feelings that bring you down and those that bring you closer to recovery.